A Uniquely Caring Culture

Being part of the 51品茶community means being involved. We call ourselves 鈥渞ight-sized,鈥 meaning we have the resources of a large university but our campuses still maintain a small-college vibe. We鈥檙e a pretty tight-knit community where everyone is known and valued as an individual 鈥 in fact, our uniquely caring and inclusive culture is something visitors and first-year students often can鈥檛 help but comment on.

Two students take a photo together while wearing oversized sunglasses in front of a glitter background
Three students playing a game with a ball and net on the Biddeford campus
Two students smile and chat while playing video games in the Nor鈥檈aster ESport Room
Three new undergrad students holding candles and Nor'easter t-shirts during First Night

The people at 51品茶are the kindest people. I could tell right away that it was a place I wanted to be.鈥 鈥 Ali Ross, Occupational Therapy 鈥20

Active and Engaged

It鈥檚 an extremely lively and active community, and there鈥檚 always something interesting happening. 51品茶has more than 100 student clubs and organizations, , and a calendar loaded with events, performances, and lectures, so you鈥檒l always be able to find an activity that鈥檚 enriching, enlightening, or just plain entertaining.

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The Way Life Should Be

You鈥檒l also find that Nor鈥檈asters like to take full advantage of living in Southern Maine, with easy access to the ocean (our Biddeford Campus is literally on the beach), the mountains and lakes of central Maine, and vibrant arts and food scenes in downtown Portland, just minutes away from our Portland Campus.

Because 51品茶is a small school, it is easy to dive into the community and connect on a very personal level with both professional staff and other students.鈥 鈥 Becca Kryceski, Health, Wellness, and Occupational Studies 鈥20

Supporting the Whole Student

At some point, everyone needs a little extra support, and we have dedicated, caring professional staff who are there to ensure your journey at 51品茶is a successful one: academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. That鈥檚 the 51品茶approach to wellness.